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Our platform helps your clients write a personal life purpose statement, to create financial plans that go beyond spreadsheets, cash flow models and account balances.

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Our software platform uses the psychological process of progressive disclosure to help you understand your clients' deepest motivations.

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Our Key Exercises

Learn More about Yourself

Purpose DNA


Purpose DNA is the beginning of our journey into identity. This short exercise helps clients use a set of words to define their identity.

Trials & Triumphs

Core Values

This exercise helps set the tone for our entire process of self-reflection. By the end, you'll have created a list of personal Core Values.

Friction EQ

Behavior Profile

The FEQ Profile gives a unique perspective into how you improve emotional intelligence to help clients make better financial decisions in a healthy state versus a stress state.

Define My Purpose

Personal Purpose Statement

This is the meat of our process. Define my purpose will help clients write the first draft of their purpose statement.

Declare My Promise

Personal Promise Statement

A purpose statement is nothing without a plan to live it out. A promise creates a daily commitment to oneself and others to live that purpose out.


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